The connection between Meshulam Riklis, Bernard Cornfeld, my landlord Arthur Cornfeld, and Jeffrey Epstein

My apartment has been, once again, trashed. Made uninhabitable. The first time was in 1991 when I was the victim of a crime. One that I believe was orchestrated by the man who turned me into his sex slave and which happened in 1991. I write about this episode in my book ‘Sex Slave: A Memoir, in a chapter called ‘The Break-in.’ The second time in present day by my landlord, Arthur Cornfeld, who appears to have a relationship with my abuser and his family going back decades through Bernie Cornfeld — either his brother or his cousin — and whose pyramid scheme was exposed. Cornfeld is also connected to the Iran Contra affair with Oliver North and Robert Vesco.


In light of the Epstein story involving children and young women I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that Bernie Cornfeld also surrounded himself with young girls and young women (one was 17-year-old-soon-to-be- Madam to the stars Heidi Fleiss — although her age is now reported as being 19 when she met Bernie). Cornfeld is seen this this photo with young girls who appear to be under-aged — two don’t look older than 14 years old, as well as some other youngish women.

Getty Image. Judy Priscol, Linda Pierce,   Loana Sparke  , Patti McLean, Oriole Adams with Bernie at his home.

Getty Image. Judy Priscol, Linda Pierce, Loana Sparke, Patti McLean, Oriole Adams with Bernie at his home.

So that when my apartment began to get attacked in various ways: the ceiling beneath my apartment caved into the apartment below me, my apartment on the top floor became intensely water damaged, any “repairs” would result in additional damage to my property and to my apartment, and on and on. The viciousness of it was more, to me, than a simple landlord/tenant issue. It had all the markings of a Riklis attack. And these attacks on both my apartment and myself intensified in 2014. At which point I did two things: I began a tenants’ association in December 2014; and I began to dig to see if Arthur Cornfeld (my landlord) was in any way connected to Ira Riklis (my abuser) who has stalked and terrorized me for close to 30 years. The answer was a chilling ‘yes.’

Until then it was sort of impossible for me to believe the situation with my landlord, Arthur Cornfeld, was not connected to my on-going 30-year situation with Ira Riklis. (Riklis, by the way is friend of Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, Leslie Wexner of Victoria’s Secret, among other men who from seemingly nowhere amassed fortunes). Arthur Cornfeld is related to Bernie Cornfeld (of the I.O.S. pyramid scheme scandal | See Also in this New York Times article from 1971 . Alot of the press mention has been scrubbed off the internet >> NOTE >> I include the links because in previous writings the links on my websites and/blogs have been attacked and become un-linked).

Ira Riklis, my abuser, is the son of Meshulam Riklis, one of the early “junk bond kings.”. He is among a group of men whose names are only now turning up as a result of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking of little girls (as young as 13 years old, possibly even 12 years old); and who name also appears alongside that Leslie Wexner (The Limited, Victoria’s Secret, PINK) who has had an unusual relationship with Epstein.

Connie Bruck in her book ‘The Predator’s Ball’ writes that it was Meshulam Riklis who gave the Milken group of raiders the moniker “Milken’s Monsters.”

From ‘The Predator’s Ball,’ by Connie Bruck.

From ‘The Predator’s Ball,’ by Connie Bruck.

Bruck, in her book, also includes names that until the Epstein scandal were only known to people in the financial world. Men like Carl Lindner (OHIO), Saul Steinberg, Lawrence Tisch.

From ‘The Predator’s Ball',’ by Connie Bruck.

From ‘The Predator’s Ball',’ by Connie Bruck.

And seriously I had often wondered if there was a connection between my landlord Arthur Cornfeld and my abuser Ira Riklis because of the similarities in the ways I have been attacked. Further, In 1991, I was held hostage by a man who I believe was a set-up by the Riklis people (and who knows perhaps with the help of my landlord) because for some reason the buzzer got “broken” the day before and no one responded when the alarm on the roof went off the night I was kidnapped. Even the New York City police did not respond to two frantic 9-1-1 calls I made while the intruder was trying to break into my apartment. I have been closely following the Epstein case and see an alarming similarity between the police not protecting the women. Maria Farmer comes to mind who was sent by Jeffrey Epstein to stay at Leslie Wexner’s house in Ohio and who told authorities she was raped by both Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. She has stated that she contacted the sheriff’s office but they did not respond. Her father had to go and get her out of Wexner’s home where his security staff held her against her will for 12 hours.

When I escaped after 5 day during which time, my kidnapper threatened to kill me – he destroyed my apartment and every single belonging I had — including all the gifts I had been given by Ira Riklis and anything I might have had that connected me to Ira. I owe a debt of gratitude to one of my friends (whose name I will not mention) for taking photographs of my destroyed apartment.

With Ira I know, for example,that he continued to interrupt my life and that Max Wild, who was Ira’s attorney and a former Department of Justice (DOJ) was glued to me at the hip since I left Ira in 1993. Wild himself told me that it was Ira’s father Meshulam Riklis who hired him in 1993. In 2015 Max, who had somehow befriended me, told me he was handing '"my “file” to Ira Riklis because he was retiring and moving to California with his wife (an attorney in Washington D.C.). Whomever has taken his place has not yet revealed his hand, at least, not to me.

In November 2017 when Ronan Farrow’s article in the New Yorker “Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies” broke, I once again began to see if I could get Ira Riklis outed. In a big way. In a way big enough for him to get off me.

With the help of one of my friends (whose name I won’t mention but he knows who he is) I was able to contact a well-known reporter who then recommended I work with a well-known crime writer to get my book published. Finally. My story has been squashed by the New York Post and other newspapers in a manner that we now see as intentional repressing of news. The media as has been exposed in the wake of the sex scandals of now President Donald Trump among others have played a large role in suppressing the voices of the women and in many cases the victims of Harvey Epstein.

This is called INTERRUPTION.

It is intentional.

It is now known to happen across party lines in order to protect men of power and wealth. It is an issue that has risen out of the ashes of the women who have been victimized and sexually abused.

My landlord is among these powerful men. In August I am facing him in court in a lawsuit I brought against him to recover out of pocket expenses. Just this week after years of trying to get my apartment repaired I received a letter stating that I need to give them “access:” to my apartment. When? Before the scheduled court date.