Jeffrey Epstein: A Timeline

JEFFREY EPSTEIN TIMELINE: From 1953 to 2019 (Note: I have a special interest in this case as the man who turned me into his sex slave is a friend of Epstein’s).


Born and raised in Coney Island to modest income parents. Father worked for the City’s Parks Department.


Graduates from Lafayette Hight School in Brooklyn, NY.


Epstein took some classes in physics at Cooper Union and took courses in mathematical physiology of the heart. He left both schools without graduating.


Hired at the age of 20 by William Barr’s father Donald – the headmaster of The Dalton School on the Upper East Side as a calculus and physics teacher (although Epstein was by this time a two-time college dropout).


Alan “Ace” Greenberg offers Epstein a job at Bear Stearns after he tutored his son and after Epstein “becomes friendly” with Greenberg’s daughter. “Ace” also had a business and personal relationship with Donald Trump.


Epstein is made a limited partner at Bear Stearns by Greenberg.


Is fired from Bear Stearns because of a “red d violation.” In consumer banking, "Regulation D" often refers to §204.2(d)(2) of the regulation, which limits withdrawals or outgoing transfers from a savings or money market account.

Mid 1980s (through 1993)

Epstein becomes involved with his first mentor Steven Jude Hoffenberg who used to live at Trump Towers and worked briefly for the Trump Presidential campaign in 2016. The two are later involved in a lawsuit where it is claimed they orchestrated and operated a massive Ponzi scheme.


Epstein meets Leslie Wexner CEO The Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Bath & Body Works, through Robert Meister, Vice Chairman of Aon Insurance brokering and consulting firm. (Epstein has made conflicting statements to journalists about when he met Wexner stating it was in 1986 or 1987. James Paterson in his book “Filthy Rich” writes the year was 1988.


Wexner creates a corporation owned jointly between himself and Epstein.


Epstein sues Herbert Glass who sold him his house in Palm Beach for $13,444. (An absurdly low amount of money for someone supposedly in his position to go after). Source: Vanity Fair, ‘The Talented Mr. Epstein’ by Vicky Ward 2003.


Alan Dershowitz is introduced to Epstein by Lynn Forester de Rothschild “a Martha’s Vineyard friend.” (I urge you to read the entire article).


Steven Jude Hoffenberg was sentenced to 20 years in jail for running one of the biggest Ponzi schemes at that time.

Epstein’s first mentor, Steven Hoffenberg, and Epstein are alleged in a lawsuit filed in 2018 of orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme through a fraudulent hedge funds named The Financial Trust Company (TFC), XYZ Corp., and ABC, Inc.


Epstein as “consultant” to TFC transferred securities, cash and assets to himself. (Lawsuit Gerber bs Financial Trust). Epstein is said to have “orchestrated” the schemes.


Jeffrey Epstein is the sole man Trump invites to a party at Trump Tower where 28 young women were invited. The businessman who invited the girls/women appeared to be concerned about Epstein going after “younger girls.” He said: “Trump didn’t care about that.”  


Vanity Fair becomes interested in a story profiling him by Vicky Ward. Epstein attempts to kill the story by confronting Graydon Carter, editor in chief at his office.


The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida learned of Epstein repeated sexual abuse of minor girls.


The Palm Beach Police Department begin to look through Epstein’s trash and collect evidence of Epstein’s obsession with training sex slaves through books he ordered from Amazon on or about September 4, 2005. One book ‘SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude by Guy Baldwin’. Details can be read in this lawsuit.


Johanna Sjoberg who was 21 when she started to work for Epstein discusses her relationship with him in this article. Among the things she reveals is that in 2001 she was approached by Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of Robert Maxwell) who offered her $20/hr to answer the phones and serve drinks at Epstein’s homes. She recalls meeting Prince Andrew and sitting on his lap whereupon he put his hand on her breast.


Epstein enters into a Non-Prosecution Agreement with then U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Alexander Acosta.


The mansion belonging to Les Wexner at 9 East 77th Street is transferred on December 23, 2011 for a sum of $10 dollars to a company owned by Epstein | Maple, Inc with a U.S. Virgin Islands corporation with an address of 9100 Havensight Port of Sale Suite 15-16 | St. Thomas, VI 00802


Epstein is arrested upon his arrival at Teterboro airport on July 6, 2019 on federal sex trafficking charges of children as young as 14 (although one is known to have been 13 when she allegedly had sex with Donald Trump at a party at his mansion in New York City).

Follow me on Twitter. For 30 years I have battled one of Jeffrey Epstein’s friends who hired a former Police Captain and hunted me down. He paid him a $150,000 bounty and invested in his company.

Follow me on Twitter. For 30 years I have battled one of Jeffrey Epstein’s friends who hired a former Police Captain and hunted me down. He paid him a $150,000 bounty and invested in his company.