Kirby Sommers' Statement on Bankruptcy

REPOSTING HERE >> 2015 (Note: Riklis is a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, known to have exploited young girls as sex slaves, friend of Donald Trump (his father Meshulam Riklis had his Rapid American Corp offices in Trump Towers for years, friend of Bill Clinton (his sister Marcia hosted a party for Hillary).

On Friday, May 9, 2015 I became aware of an article on by Juliana Reyes with details about the bankruptcy of a reputation defender company filing for bankruptcy.

The article named Ira Riklis as an investor and linked to my website: stating: “Riklis himself appears to have been dogged by online reputation issues and now has a strange online persona.”

Before finding the above referenced article I spent several days trying to track down a person who did not seem to exist and who appeared to be attacking my website as well as some of my blogs attempting, in essence, to have them disappear from the internet.

For the record, and before going any further, I want to state that I have been stalked, harassed and terrorized both online and off for decades. Because of my history with Ira Riklis I have always suspected him to be behind the onslaught of never ending attacks against me.

On April 23, 2015 I received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice, via my ISP, regarding a claim that my website was violating the copyright(s) of The Secret Life of Billionaire Ira Riklis.

At 8:01am the same day I sent off a response to my ISP detailing that:

The Billionaires Woman is a book I wrote. It is in fact, a memoir, about my life with Ira Riklis.

I noted that throughout the years Ira Riklis (or someone who works for him) copied some of the content of my book and had it placed on his various blogs in an attempt to push down my content.

Further, the title The Secret Life of Billionaire Ira Riklis is what I named several of my blog posts written in April 2009 in an attempt by me to try to defend myself against the Riklis attacks.

I stated additionally that Ira Riklis hired reputation defenders and had used the same titles as I did to throw off whoever stumbled upon information regarding my book. He has done this for a very long time.

I added that the information on my website is true and if it were not Ira Riklis would have at some point during the past 22 years sued me. But he cannot since what I have written about is the truth.

Although I have had many issues with most of the online platforms such as LinkedIn,,,, and other content based websites (as well as having information disappear from real newspapers such as The Daily News and The Mississippi Press) I always suspected Ira Riklis had a hand in the never ending onslaught of online problems hounding me.

After receiving the false DMCA complaint, I discovered the person who requested website be taken down seemed to have a fake name, a fake address, a fake phone number and a fake website leading to a page where an article I wrote ‘Meshulam Riklis: The Mo-Ghoul and the Latest Bankruptcy’ was copied word for word.

It seemed bizarre as the article reprinted on the allegedly “actual” owner’s website was dated December 15, 2008 which, if accurate, would have preceded the Rapid American Corporation bankruptcy by five years. The bankruptcy of Rapid American Corporation due to on-going asbestos and mesothelioma related lawsuits is a historically undisputed fact that took place in March 2013.

It seemed to me that the online stalking and harassment appeared to have changed becoming more aggressive within the last couple of months. So, for example, instead of simply trying to hide my content now they were trying to remove my content.

All of my content.

My business related content. My personal content on blogs and other platforms. Someone was doing something to erase all mention of me online.

For me that someone could only be Ira Riklis.

And so on May 8th, last Friday, I began an intensive online search to see if something had happened with anyone Riklis hoping to find something that would explain the recent events.

One of my thoughts was that perhaps Meshulam Riklis, Iras father, who is now 91 had passed away. If an event like this had indeed happened it might have triggered some media attention.

Instead I discovered the article on originally published on May 4, 2015. In the piece Ira Riklis is named as an investor and partial owner of I read and reread every single word and although I believe this wasnt an actual bankruptcy but in fact may be something else entirely I was elated.

For the first time in decades I was able to breath again. One of my friends who I contacted almost immediately with the information said Ira is finally out of the shadows. He cant hurt you anymore.

Finally, there is a tangible item on a respected news source linking Ira to me. And the fact that it was a reputation defender company was too coincidental.

I seem to be the catalyst for Ira Riklis to invest in certain businesses.

His Lydia Security Monitoring, doing business as COPS Monitoring had its seed in a home security business, once named Alarm One, that Ira invested in after paying $150,000 to a former police captain named Dave who then owned it to find me for him in the mid 1980s.

So it did not come as a surprise to note that Ira had invested in a reputation defender company. For as long as I have been online he has been there in the shadows striking at me. So it was a logical investment for him as far as I could see.

I sent a thank you note to Juliana Reyes who has been writing about in for a close to 2 years with the words Your article may have saved my life.

On May 10th another one of my blogs was attacked. I followed some information to and discovered original website had vanished.

Copyright 2015 by Kirby Sommers


Kirby Sommers is a writer, a human rights activist, the CEO of LandlordLinks.Net and the author of The Billionaires Woman: A Memoir