Memoir | Sex Slave: The Break-in, by Kirby Sommers

The discomfort of the oppressive heat oozing out of the radiator on this boiling June night intensifies the unfathomable images dancing round and round in my head. It’s just a few minutes past 11pm on a Saturday night, and with two stores to tend to along with the recent pile of worries Jesse has dragged into my life - prompting me to get a restraining order against him - I’m beyond drained.

Sleep is eluding me. Teasing me. It has played this wicked game with me since the day Ira Riklis crossed over into the untouched part of my normal self. But what really happened after his hostile takeover of me is I have become his sex slave. I am stuck inside an invisible bubble thwarted by this man-boy’s obsessive lust, who sees me as body parts: ass, breasts, legs, hair, pussy.

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Dear readers, to date I have self-funded my work. As a former sex slave to a friend of Jeffrey Epstein many have told me I have a unique perspective and have been able to connect the dots in the Epstein child trafficking case quite well. Going through my 20 years of research takes a great deal of time. If my work is useful to you then we can help each other.

For some of my blog posts and/or my book excerpts from ‘Sex Slave: A Memoir’ I am charging $1.99. These will be emailed to you, as I cannot put these in a place where they can be easily obtained. Thank you!

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