This is not my secret, it's yours

Yesterday, when I told my story on Twitter, the responses were heartwarming and heartbreaking. Other victims of sexual abuse shared their stories. Other people who had been trying to unravel the mystery of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz applauded my “bravery” they called it (I call it what I have been doing for decades “surviving”). Trying to out my abuser, Ira Riklis, and his enablers.

The journalists and other astute observers told me they saw THE PATTERN and the links and the way powerful men have been silencing women. I was told, frankly, reminded that our judicial system is not blind: it tilts in the favor of men. Women are not fairly represented by public servants including the legal system as a whole.

While I have been trying to tell my story, find my answers (even figure out 100% for sure if the despicable actions against me by my landlord are somehow related to my abuser and his family) – it was only yesterday that my story got hundreds, if not thousands, of eyes. Instead of one person, one newspaper, one source that I had, until now depended on, it was through social media that I and other victims stepped forward to speak about our abuse.

The only people in my life who have supported me in every conceivable way have been my friends. Primarily my male friends (not necessarily boyfriends, but my friends of many years). So, not all men are bad. Just some of them. Powerful men with access to unlimited wealth, resources and who believed, until now, they were invincible.


“I am a thousand pounds lighter today. For the first time in 30 years. One thousand pounds lighter. I might even be able to float.’

I am grateful that Jeffrey Epstein’s victims Annie Farmer and Courtney Wild , who were little girls when they were raped, are courageous enough to stand up to a man who is connected to titans of industry, presidents, kings, queens, and princes.

And to stand up against their enablers, like Alex Acosta, DA Cyrus Vance, Alan Dershowitz (the list of people who have co-conspired with Epstein is growing and mind-boggling. In my life there have been many enablers, too. Such as a former Department of Justice attorney Max Wild that my abuser’s father, Meshulam Riklis paid to keep tabs on my since 1993.

I believe Epstein will be spending time in jail. In a real jail cell. Perhaps a locked one this time. And I hope his enablers are also held accountable.

I have always believed that out of every bad situation there are golden nuggets. They either fall on you, or you have to literally search through the wreckage to find them. I found mine a long time ago and I keep finding new nuggets.

Never give up is the answer. Just don’t give up.


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