When I read about Maria Farmer calling the sheriff’s office in Ohio when she was being held by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell against her will in Leslie Wexner’s home - I knew I was not alone. The police appear to be on the side of a handful of rich and powerful men like Epstein and my abuser Riklis.


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I have been silenced since 1993. A bevy of people including a former Department of Justice attorney hired by Meshulam Riklis that my story and even I disappeared from the internet.

In 1991 I was kidnapped for 5 days and held hostage in my apartment at knife-point. The intruder told me he was going to “kill” me. I frantically called the police 2x’s while he was trying to break into my apartment. The police did not respond.

Women and children must be treated equally under the law.


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