Real Estate Jargon for Apartment Hunters

If you’re getting ready for an apartment hunt in New York City you might want to arm yourself with some terminology translations.

Say what!?

“Cozy” really means super tiny so you may have to fit in sideways.

“Charming” oftentimes means dilapidated.

“Quiet” can mean you have really close up views of a brick wall or it’s an illegally converted basement apartment.

“Below market price” means you’ll have to climb up six flights of stairs.

“Outdoor space” may mean the fire escape.

“Renovated” usually means you’re renting half the space of a formerly larger apartment and paying three times the rent.

“Unique” means it’s a chopped-up space and has a half-window.

“Chef’s kitchen” might mean the appliances are against one of the walls in your livingroom.

“Exposed brick” means the landlord ran out of sheetrock and winters will be particularly cold inside your apartment.

“Live-in super” may mean he lives above you, has grown kids who play basketball over your head and often forgets to turn off the water in the sink so that your ceiling collapses. (This as told to me by a real tenant in the building next door to my apartment).

“Elevator building” may mean a 3 x 3 metal death trap.

Like these? More to follow.