Valentine's Day: Food Pusher

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and a man I just met offered me chocolate. I will now call him a “food pusher.”

Me: “That’s very nice of you to offer, but I don’t want chocolate. Thanks.”

Food pusher: “Why?”

Me: (Thinking of a dozen reasons why I don’t want to eat chocolate and believing I selected the proper one – I settle on >>) “Because I don’t like the sugar rush.”

Food pusher: “I know a chocolate you will love.”

Me: (Getting annoyed so I remain silent).

Food pusher continues: “It has no sugar.”

The conversation then dissolved into a one-sided lengthy history of this particular chocolate, it’s rarity, it’s taste, and how he will find some to bring me from another country.


Take-away >> I am going to file this under men who listen but don’t care about what you say or how you feel. #saynotoafoodpusher