Love Letters, excerpt: July 22, 2015

From me to him.

I know what is happening. It dawned on me while I was in the park this morning. The words you give me, the feeling I have with you, what you have done to me, what I have done to you. Everything. Things I’ve never felt before. Things I never knew existed. Love I never dreamed I’d have. An inner peace I never knew was mine. We have been making love. And yet, we’ve never even touched. But I feel…I walk around the city and I feel like you have just made love to me. And it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life.

And when I tried to think of how I can express this to you today…I thought about a scene from the move ‘Unfaithful’ (oddly enough Diane Lane again) and so I tried to find a clip from the scene when she’s just made love to her new lover and she’s on a train and her mind is full of him…and there wasn’t one specifically of just this scene.

However, I did find a clip and it even has a great song and it is similar, not as good, of course, but similar to how you are making love to me and how I am walking around my city and my days and my life and I have this inner thing going on that no one but me can see. And that no one but you can give me.


July 22, 2015: From him.

Let me tell you what you did for me today.

I had to deliver a presentation to a large group of people — mostly hi level people CEO’s CFO’s Chief Risk Officers, etc. While the introductions were happening — I knew it would take about 10 minutes because there was a rehearsal yesterday, I watched the Diane Lane clip that had — the train ride from Unfaithful on it. I was watching it and thought about that feelings she emoted and how that was happening for me and for you. I was watching it on my phone and started smiling and had the emotional residue of making love to you in my person as I walked up on the stage and started delivering this speech.

What a feeling that I was able to embody. Soul satisfaction. And as I started talking I was making eye contact with people and just emoted this thing we have discovered, created and are nurturing. I had them laughing — a very serious audience — and smiling within five minutes. I realized what was happening. I had the sense that I was transmitting this joy that has a calming effect. After I finished — I didn’t even think about what I said. What occurred to me was the power of this emotion/feeling that we have that we are enjoying. Some people who work for me were in the audience — and one of them said — “where did THAT come from?”. Of course I just shrugged my shoulders. It can from you.

There’s more I’ll share later — I just had to let you know what you mean to me right now. Soul satisfied.