Sex Slave: A Memoir | The Move out of Trump Tower

“We’re moving out of ahhh Trump Tower. I’ve named my new company ahhh Sutherland.”

“What does Sutherland mean?”

“It’s the ahhh name of my boat.”

“What about the home security business you just started?”

We are undressing in my small bedroom in my apartment on the Upper West Side as if we have been married for years and have just come home from a late evening. Except it is noon.

“That’s going strong, ahhh thanks to you,” he reaches for me. That he is making money from doing something illegal like paying an ex-cop to hunt me down for him is off-putting. No way I can accept a finder’s fee for this because then he will feel as if he is buying me.

If I can keep him talking I can put off having to spread eagle in front of him where he always hunts for my g-spot.

“What do you mean thanks to me?” I play stupid. Sometimes it helps me get straight answers.

“Searching for you, find you, ahhh put me in contact with …. ahhh Alarm One. It’s a goldmine ahhh, and I owe you… ahhh a finder’s fee.”

“Little me?” I arch an eyebrow.

“Yes, ahhh you. You’re so beautiful. Ahhh.” His meaty hands are all over me grabbing and pinching me everywhere. Very deliberately he squeezes my left nipple and the immediately squeezes the right one. Like he’s in the middle of a connect the dots puzzle and dutifully doesn’t want to skip a dot. His face always looks like melting cheese sliding off a pizza when he’s oogling me.

“Dave ahhhh I knew him back when he worked, ahhh, for the police department. He was the Captain at the station near my home and he and I have done favors ahhh for each other throughout the years.”

“What sort of favors?”

“Well, for one, he always called for the Policeman’s Auxiliary when he was fundraising and we became pals, sort of. Ahhh, I trusted him. I needed to trust him ahhh with you.”

“Meaning he’s not going to tell Diana?”

He nods.

“He needed the ahhh money it turns out. Dave has a new wife, a younger wife from South America. Ahhhh ever since they came back from their honeymoon she’s been ahhhh spending money. Even buying herself a new car. Ahhhh his partner is his brother-in-law ahhhh so he’s somewhat hemmed in.”

“Sounds like she’s in love.”

“Yes, with the money, and so that’s his weak spot and I ahhhh can benefit greatly. I gave him even more money as a reward after he found you, ahhhh and then I sat down with him and his ahhh brother-in-law and told them I was their new ahhhh business partner.”

“You’re subtle,” and then I stop because I realize that I am revealing a part of me I can’t let him see. I don’t want him to know I feel antagonistic against him.

“Smart, you’re smart,” I say to give him the compliment I know he’s aiming for. “That’s the kind of business Warren Buffet would call an unregulated toll booth.”

“You’re so clever. Yes, it’s a cash cow ahhhhh, get over here!”

His plump hands reach for my face and pulls me close to him. I can feel his breathe on my lips. We begin to make out on my bed and he’s kneading my left breast as if it were a slab of dough. His fingers are probing my pussy and it’s time for me to get this over with.

I reach down for his penis which is always erect and always begging for my attention. He pushes my hand away.

“Not yet,” he instructs. “Stay still.”

He crawls down between my legs and pushes them further apart. His fingers flick hard against my pussy.

“Ow, ow,” it hurts but he thinks I’m excited because his eyes dart up to my face for a second before darting back to stare at my pussy. He is mesmerized by it. Like he’s never seen a woman’s vagina before. His lower lip drops and dangles and his eyes are so wide I can only see the whites of his eyes. From my angle his face looks more oblong than round as he hunts for my g-spot.

I move my hips to the side hoping to stop him and use my hands to try and push him off me. He quickly pins both of my wrists up over my head and against the back of the bed. I am trapped beneath him. He grins victoriously and with his free hand keeps on hurting me until I beg him for sex.

“Come here, fuck me now. Now. I want you now!” Somewhere along the way I have become his slave. His sex slave. I exist to please him. It is my only role.

Heaving he pushes himself up and kisses me again. It’s always a hard kiss. Sometimes I think he’s going to break my teeth. He stops abruptly and grabs one of the condoms he always brings with him and which he placed under the pillow next to us. I help him slip it on. They’re the most expensive condoms. A box of three costs $5. I checked at the drugstore. Trojan Naturalamb. He likes them because he can still feel me inside he once told me.

“I love you,” he moans climbing over me again.

I spit into my right hand and wet my pussy so it won’t hurt as much. He pushes my had away and shoves his penis inside me.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, oh, you’re so good. Fuck me!” I scream urging him on so that he can get off and leave. I need to go to the supermarket and have to pick up my clothes at the cleaners.

I feel him begin to shake and then suddenly he falls heavy on me his belly flopping halfway down the right side of my body where it lays like a bag of rice. I gently nudge him off me. He’s on the wrong side since I am always to the right of him when were in bed and so I crawl over him to my spot.

My pussy is sore and I know it will be sore for a couple of days. Not from his dick which isn’t small or large but from the incessant rubbing.

I pull off the condom which is full of his come. He grabs it from my fingers and his chubby bare feet hit the hardwood floor next to my bed.

“I’ll throw it out,” he says and makes his way to the bathroom where I hear the toilet flush.

He’s paranoid and always protective of his come and I always feel both insulted that he doesn’t trust me and relieved that he’s the one disposing of the gross semen. It always amazes me that he somehow believes I might use his disgusting come to try to become pregnant. The last thing I’d want is his kid.

He settles back into the bed stretching out his arm for me to nestle in under his armpit where I lay my head against his shoulder.

“My father, ahhh,” he begins.

He always gets serious and talkative right after sex. “He calls the house and I think ahhh he wants to talk to me and ahhh it’s Diana he wants.”

He is so needy of his father’s attention and for a second I am sad for him.

“Maybe that’s just a way to get to hear your voice or to make you jealous?”

“He does everything to upset me, ahhh. I tell him not to spoil the girls ahhh and then he buys them everything.”

“Before I met you I’d seen a psychiatrist for ten years ahhhh because I never felt my father loved me. Ahhhh, I thought I was gay. Until you, ahhhh.” He holds me closer and kisses my forehead.

“With you I know I’m not gay. I don’t ahhhh even see the shrink anymore. I love you.”

I pull away from him and sit up in bed. He lays still his face looks up at mine.

“You’re married, Ira, you don’t love me.”

“Yes, I know, ahhhhh I’m married. I love my wife and I love my ahhhh kids. But I also know that I am very much in love with you.”

“You don’t even know me. Why don’t you try teaching your wife what you like in bed?”

“Before you I never ahhhh penetrated a woman other than her.”

“Wait, that’s not what you told me before.”

“Yes I’ve paid for sex and all that stuff ahhhh even tried S and M once. It wasn’t for me. Ahhhh, I mean I paid these women ahhhh even Diana would send me off when we go to Europe. But I never ahhhh penetrated them.”

I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. He’d never had sexual intercourse with anyone other than his wife.

“She wants you to have this kind of sex with other women?”

“Not really. But she knows ahhhh that they aren’t a threat to her. You, on the other hand, ahhh, you’re her worst nightmare.”

I suddenly know it is Diana who is the dominant of the two in their marriage. She rules by ruling him.

“So why are you here? I don’t get it. You seem to have a wife who loves you.” I lie realizing she is in it for the money as much as Dave’s wife is. Funny how men never realize what is happening in their own lives.

“I’m here because I love you. I’d leave her if you’d have me. I ahhhh didn’t like what my father did and really I am still very upset about him leaving my mother and ahhhh running off with Pia Zadora who I can’t stand by the way.”

“Do you always talk so much?” I simply wanted him to be quiet, get up, get dressed and leave.

He grinned.

“No one ever told me I was garrulous. Nope that’s not something I am normally with other people. With you ahhh it seems to be different. Everything is different.”

“How many kids do you have?”

“Two. It would have been ahhh three but she had a miscarriage.”

“Sorry to hear.” She still has three children I muse silently because he is also her child. He is capricious and spoiled and probably just like his kids.

“Yes, it was a bad time, but we have two girls, three years apart.”

“One looks just like me and the other one, ahhh, I don’t know where she came from. She’s blonde and looks nothing like me. I think my father favors her.” His voice jumpy now reaches an alarming high pitch at the end of his sentences.

I always knew this was the most relaxed he could ever be. The tone in his voice is easy for me to read. Monotone to halting to high pitched sounds like a little boy with no impulse control. Sad one minute. Happy the next.

Ten minutes later he has collected his discarded clothes and goes back to his office and resumes his life. By the time my phone rings I have already changed the linens on my bed since I don’t want to smell him when I go to sleep later.

“I love you and I miss you already,” he purrs over the line.

“I love you too.” I simply never knew how not to repeat his declarations of love.

To contribute please click on support image above. I am now crowdfunding to publish my book ‘Sex Slave: A Memoir’ and help expose men like Jeffrey Epstein and his enablers. I am a sex slave survivor of an Epstein, Trump, Clinton friend.

To contribute please click on support image above. I am now crowdfunding to publish my book ‘Sex Slave: A Memoir’ and help expose men like Jeffrey Epstein and his enablers. I am a sex slave survivor of an Epstein, Trump, Clinton friend.

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