Department of State rents five story building on East 69th Street to Jeffrey Epstein in 1992


New York Daily News article (long scrubbed from the web). Original date: December 23, 1997 about the State Department renting 34 East 69th Street to Jeffrey Epstein “a Palm Beach financial advisor”.

I am in the real estate industry and have been for a couple of decades. I have also been really open about the fact that a friend of Jeffrey Epstein named Ira Riklis turned me into his sex slave in 1987 through 1993 (when I plucked up my courage to leave). Meanwhile, however, Meshulam Riklis (yes, the old man who married Pia Zadora in the 1970s) hired a former Department of State (DOJ) attorney to keep tabs on me. His name was Max. Max and I talked for years. The last time was in 2015 when a couple of things happened which I will get into in another post.

Max and I went to dinner one night. I was trying to pump him for information because I was being severely stalked and harassed (both online and off by Riklis) and he was trying to seduce me.

When we left the restaurant he mentioned a friend who lived nearby. Said he promised to stop and say hello. Coincidentally it was one block away from my apartment. As we neared a building I’d seen one thousand times before he went inside and rang the buzzer. Nothing. He then stepped outside and pointed to the fourth floor and confided: “My best friend lives there,” he pointed to the 4th floor. “He probably went out to run an errand. Or maybe he is probably looking at us right now.”

It seemed very odd to me that his “friend” would only peek through the blinds to take a “look” at us — and really at me. It was extremely uncomfortable because I lived one block away and this was a street I walked by nearly on a daily basis. Would this man be stalking me now too?

I knew I was being scrutinized and having grown accustomed to being followed since I met Ira in 1987 it was an odd feeling of ‘yes, this bothers me and then not so much’. At some point one becomes almost numb to the intrusions and interruptions in one’s life. If you have been with a man like Riklis or involved with a man like Epstein weird things don’t seem that weird. It is only after a long time passes that the memory of it jars the soul.

Max then added: “Gosh, we used to run a lot of guns from this place,” he sighed as if remembering the good old days.

WHEN I SAW THE FOLLOWING DAILY NEWS ARTICLE, that night came rushing back (although to be honest I have thought about the “smuggling guns” comment a lot since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest).

However when I stumbled upon this old piece stating that Jeffrey Epstein was living in a Department of State property on East 69th Street — I just knew it was somehow connected to the “gun smuggling” apartment on the West Side that Max inadvertently exposed.

Here is a portion of the Daily News article from December 23, 1997.

The State Department began renting the building to Jeffrey Epstein, a Palm Beach FLA financial advisor, in 1992 for $15,000 per month. By January 1996, Epstein had moved out.

He eventually decided to rent to Ivan Fisher, a lawyer who has represented clients in the Pizza Connection and French Connection heroin trials.

Fisher said Epstein assured him the State Department had signed off on the deal. In May 1996, Fisher began paying Epstein $20,000 a month – a tidy $5,000 a-month profit for Epstein that the government didn’t know about. Fisher moved his family into the upper floors and his law firm into the lower floors.

Unfortunately, the State Department insisted Epstein hadn’t gotten permission to sublet, and besides, it was furious about the profit he was pocketing.

When Fisher realized the State Department no longer considered Epstein the lessee, he stopped paying Epstein rent. He said he offered to pay the feds directly but they declined.

In November 1996, the feds sued Epstein and Fisher. Last week Manhattan Federal Judge Denny Chin gave the men 45 days to deposit back rent in an escrow account and promised to resolve the question of eviction quickly.

An eviction order was served on July 16, 1998 and the marshal noted on the service receipt that the tenants had moved out.

FROM: The Daily News, December 23, 1997

“When Alex Acosta made the comment that he had been told to back off Epstein because he was an “Intelligence asset” that made a whole lot of sense to me. I had been contacted by someone at the State Department in 2008 who wanted to know if I knew whether Ira Riklis was a spy.” - Kirby Sommers

Epstein has apparently been outed as a spy and the fact there exists a cover-up appears to be real. I believe we have to brace ourselves because Epstein wasn’t given a five story historic home in one of the most glamorous and prestigious addresses in New York City for nothing. Never mind that the DOS somehow tried to gloss over the matter with being upset that Epstein was pocketing $5,000 per month — that’s not money to the DOS. Something else has been happening here and I, for one, believe we are not going to get the real story behind the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking scandal.

In 1997 Epstein moved into Leslie Wexner’s mansion at 9 East 71st Street. A much posher place and one where countless children were raped and dehumanized.

-Kirby Sommers, Rights Reserved

NOTE: Screen image of State Department OFM Department taken on July 30, 2019. Some of the links to the pages are being updated.


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To contribute please click on support image above. I am now crowdfunding to publish my book ‘Sex Slave: A Memoir’ and help expose men like Jeffrey Epstein and his enablers. I am a sex slave survivor of an Epstein, Trump, Clinton friend.


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