Memoir | Sex Slave: The Bank of New York


It’s Saturday and Ira insisted we go to his new office. It is somewhat of a relief and somewhat of a put off because I know he wants to show off and possibly even have sex there. It’s like I don’t have any say in this game of his. I am on a moving train and I don’t even know who, if anyone, is behind the wheel. Is it Ira? Is it me? Is it someone else? I am clueless. Adrift somewhere in another dimension. I am free floating on the outskirts of his life. His office. His wife. His children. His business. His trips.

“I want, ahhh, your opinion on how it’s decorated. I love the conference table, but, ahhh, you tell me what you think.” We have been whatever it is we are since he found me last year and I have become accustomed to the way he peppers his words with “ahhs” as if he is catching his breath or thinking of what to say.

The elevator doors swing open on the 16th floor in a narrow commercial building along 57th Street not far from his old office at Trump Tower.

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Dear readers, to date I have self-funded my work. As a former sex slave to a friend of Jeffrey Epstein many have told me I have a unique perspective and have been able to connect the dots in the Epstein child trafficking case quite well. Going through my 20 years of research takes a great deal of time. If my work is useful to you then we can help each other.

For some of my blog posts and/or my book excerpts from ‘Sex Slave: A Memoir’ I am charging $1.99. These will be emailed to you, as I cannot put these in a place where they can be easily obtained. Thank you!

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