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Excerpt from book:

The one thing Ira Riklis must have know for sure was that a woman who seemed educated, was well put together, and knew about stocks and bonds – well, a woman like me had to be in that room with him, under those circumstances, due to some horrendous event. Some part of me had to have experienced some sort of trauma in order for me to willingly sell off pieces of my soul by the hour. I was like a “bid on now” item on eBay. Ira wanted to end the auction and buy the recycled girl for only him to use, and frankly, if you’re using someone, you’re also abusing that person. That could not have been new to him: he had to know he could use me.Ira Riklis Ira Riklis Ira Riklis

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“The Billionaire's Woman,” by Kirby Sommers

'The Billionaire’s Woman' is Kirby Sommers’ long awaited memoir of her painful eight year forced affair with Ira Riklis, a multi-billionaire who counts among his close friends Vice President Joe Biden, Bill Cilinton, Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Ed Rendell and other well known politicians and celebrities.

Kirby opens the book with a question: “What happens when a billionaire with the mind of a sex-starved teenage boy and no personal restraints sets his sights on one woman?” As Kirby finds herself ensnared in the claws of a sexual predator and becomes his sex slave, she discovers strengths she never knew she possessed.

“I have been writing and rewriting this book for over 15 years. And, each time, I felt like I was releasing deadly toxins from my body, from my soul. It’s like the psychological manipulation and all the stuff I had been holding onto inside of me suddenly exploded and is in this book.”

Sommers’ memoir is a wonderfully written cautionary tale, and an eye opening account of how sex slavery can happen anywhere – even in New York City with a seemingly well-respected man who did a dreadful thing.

Kirby states: ”There’s power in knowing you can expose your abuser, tell your story, and in the process help other women.”


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